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MyTicket — Ticket/Event Management System WordPress Theme

////MyTicket — Ticket/Event Management System WordPress Theme

MyTicket — Ticket/Event Management System WordPress Theme

MyTicket – create rich events, sell tickets with QR-codes, use mobile app.

MyTicket WordPress ticket qr-code demo dashboardMyTicket - create rich events, sell tickets with QR-codes, use mobile app
MyTicket is All In One solution to organize events, sell/validate tickets, track purchases, dynamically and in a beautiful way display various events to your users.

Create Event

MyTicket extends default WooCommerce functionality. Using this plugin one can create events, specify its features, types, categories and any other custom information. Once event is specified ticketing system is automatically linked to it.

Ticket/Event Management System WordPress Theme

List Events

This theme comes with powerful event listing widgets. The image and real life usage example will explain it best. In short events widget and section filtering and sorting is based on Ajax requests. This ensures fast performance, seamless page refresh and extremely user friendly experience.

Performance/Event Filtering System WordPress Theme

Ticket Selection

Once the event is found user can select the desired amount of tickets or event seats on a predefined custom stage/hall/stadium layouts and perform checkout process.

Performance/Event Filtering System WordPress Theme

QR-code Scannable Ticket Receipt

After checkout and/or payment users will be able to immediately download a PSD invoice and receive it by email. The invoice contains QR-code that is linked to users order. Using MyTicket QR-code scanner app you can validate ticket by scanning users invoice, apply custom actions or just check order and customer information.

Ticket/Event QR-code Scannable WordPress Theme

Custom Stadium Example

This template demonstrates that you can create beautiful custom hall, stadium, amphitheater, stage designs and link it with dynamic backend in order to perform live system for ticket reservation and purchase. Also make sure that this is not an image. It is an interactive element where every section is clickable and can change its color depending on ticket availably or selection.

MyTicket - Custom Stadium, Hall design example HTML5 template

Note: Every seat layout is unique and is subject to extra charge due to design and integration requirements. We are not free development agency. Please send us your full project specification before asking for a quote.

Timetable Elements

Does not matter what portion of your website is opened. Convenient and accurate event elements will keep your users updated on latest events.

MyTicket - Event notification elements HTML5 template

If you plan to organize many events. Feel flexible and with different elements provided by this template. Split concerts, events, performances by dates, months, years, thematics and show them all in a user friendly way with various sorting methods.

MyTicket - Event notification elements HTML5 template

  • Create rich in content and beautiful events with countdown timers. Use Call to Action buttons for event applications.
  • Manage artist performances, sell tickets for concerts and any other events.
  • Sell tickets with the help of predefined stadium design layouts. Perfect for football, hockey, soccer, basketball, cricket, tennis, rugby, formula, boxing, volleyball or any other sport type event.
  • Gallery, news, blog, interview, dashboard etc

Images used: Images not Included in Template. They are For Demo Purpose Only.

Note: After Download Please check pages using http or https protocal i.e. http://localhost or http://domain.com

Last Updates

Version 1.0.3
+ update: twitter API improvements
+ update: page not saving bug fix
+ update: change fonts functionality improvements
+ update: pot file refreshed
+ update: qr-code generation bug fix

Version 1.0.2
+ new: mobile app published: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.raloco.qrcode&hl=en
+ update: white page woo commerce activation bug fix
+ update: translations improved

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